MediaSmarts launches new misinformation campaign

As concerns about the online spread of COVID-19 misinformation continues to rise, MediaSmarts has developed a new campaign Check First. Share After to remind Canadians of the importance of checking info about COVID-19 before sharing it.

The main message of their campaign: help stop the spread of misinformation. We can truly show we care by being good digital citizens and taking a moment to pause and check if the info comes from a trusted expert source before sharing it.

MediaSmarts would very much appreciate if News Media Canada members could help share the campaign across their networks.

Here’s how you can help spread the word:

  • Share the message on your social accounts. There are a number of graphics and sample copy to help you do that. You can find it all HERE.
  • Include the hashtag #CheckThenShare in your posts
  • Drive your followers to the custom URL: (, where they can learn more information about how to effectively check sources before sharing information
  • Tag on Instagram and @MediaSmarts on Facebook and Twitter.