Latest round of federal funding for news organizations: What you need to know

Since the federal government announced its ‘Phase 2’ of funding earlier this week, we have received several questions from members.

In an effort to help clarify frequently heard questions, we’ve compiled a brief summary of tips and suggestions to members as they prepare their applications.

  1. Who is eligible for this funding?

The program is open to free community papers, digital publications and subscription publications who do not qualify for Aid to Publishers.

2. What are the restrictions on being able to apply? 

It is not open to newspapers that qualify for Aid to Publishers or daily newspapers.

Also, a paper must not contain more than 70 per cent ads to be eligible.

3. When do I need to apply by?

The application deadline is July 27th, 2020

4. What can the funding be used for?

The funding can be used to support the creation of content, production, distribution, online activities or business development.

5. Is an audit required to apply? 

No. An audit is not required to apply.

6. Can I apply for funding if I’m already receiving money under the federal wage subsidy program? 

Yes. A publisher can apply even if the paper is receiving the wage subsidy, the only thing is that the same expenses can’t be claimed under both programs.

Similarly, a paper can apply if the paper is also receiving the journalism tax credit, the amount of this subsidy will be deducted from the papers credit.

7. How much money is available?

The federal government has not announced an overall amount available for distribution. The final amount of funding will depend on how many publications apply.