Support brands and businesses that support Canadian news media

News Media Canada is preparing to launch the Advertise Local program and is looking for newspapers to assist in building the first ever Local Advertiser List.  This list will highlight your advertisers: businesses that have chosen to support local Canadian news with their advertising dollars.

Our national campaign (to be launched next month) will encourage Canadians to shop from this list to support brands and businesses that support Canadian journalism.

How to participate:

  1. Add your advertisers to the Local Advertiser List.  There is a simple spreadsheet you can download, complete and email back to add your advertisers.
  2. Tell your readers about it.  Once your advertisers are in the list you can start promoting the program to your readers with editorial.  Choose from one of our pre-written pieces or write your own.
  3. Run the Advertise Local house ads to help point your readers to the list.  Ad material will be available to download from the publisher’s toolkit online.

All the resources you need can be found on our website starting here. If you have questions about how to get involved just email Kelly at