Research shows consumers engage with trustworthy platforms

According to the Global Web Index data published in Strategy, 95 per cent of people have been spending more time consuming media content in 2020. Verizon Media has found that due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, audience engagement is 48% higher than usual and people are choosing to look at news they deem trustworthy.

The important takeaways from the Verizon Media study are that consumers like to see advertisements on trustworthy platforms, and it is important to incorporate ads that blend into the page, rather than disruptive or flashy banners. “With everyone on their phones even while on their desktop, watching TV or playing video games, native [advertising] provides a great opportunity to really drive performance with 11x the click-through rates of traditional display advertising.” says Missy Schnurstein, Head of Native and Strategy at Verizon Media.

In a study conducted by Totum Research on behalf of News Media Canada, it was revealed that ad engagement for printed newspapers is almost two times higher than other platforms, including television or social media, as well as print or digital magazines. This research (Engaged and Connected) also confirms that ads in printed and digital newspapers are more trusted than any other traditional or digital media.

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