Local shopping habits will be a major post-pandemic force

Data from an Accenture survey shows that Canadians will continue to have a lingering uneasiness in public spaces for some time following the COVID-19 pandemic, which will cause larger brands and retailers to tailor their products to provide a more local experience.

The survey results show that in 2020, 54% of Canadian consumers are choosing to buy more locally sourced products. Of those respondents, 86% of them plan to continue to do this on a long-term basis. Similarly, 54% of consumers claim that the pandemic has caused them to shop at retail stores closer to home, with the majority of those respondents indicating permanence in this practice.

Moving away from shopping practices, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major changes to the way Canadians socialize and go about their daily lives. “Home is now the new frontier – it’s become the workplace, the schoolroom, the place to try new hobbies, the place to socialize and a safe sanctuary – so companies must account for this reality,” says Robin Sahota, a managing director of Accenture who leads its retail practices in Canada.

This new reality has led to retailer e-commerce growth, and has led to Canadians shopping more cost-consciously, with them being far more likely to support mid-range and budget brands, as opposed to higher-end, premium brands.

This all leads to the conclusion that Canadians are looking to shop local and support brands closer to home going forward. Publishers who want to provide their local advertisers with additional support can take part in the Advertise Local program, a turn-key marketing program developed by News Media Canada to support local economies. Get started by clicking here and identifying advertisers you would like to add to the Local Advertiser List.