How Torstar’s new platform delivers local news and community engagement

A division of Torstar, Torstar Local has launched a new program that is in-part an app and web platform, that will deliver local news to communities, as well as providing a new level of engagement among users.

“Local news is very challenged and it keeps disappearing,” said Pam Laycock, senior vice president of transformation and strategy at Torstar. “Our objective is to find a new way that we can create a wonderful local experience in communities that is highly relevant and maybe slightly different than what we do today.”

Through creating an app to deliver local news, this allows Torstar to reach audiences that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to, while also connecting local communities to the new local news brand.

Their app is meant to function sustainably and separate from the rest of the company, and after learning from their initial 10 markets, they are planning for more brand launches in 2021.

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