Resources to help you show your support for ‘Levelling the Digital Playing Field’

Last week, News Media Canada released its comprehensive report Levelling the Digital Playing Field and called on all federal political parties in Canada to adopt Australia’s approach to curb the monopolistic practices of digital giants, such as Facebook and Google.

In the next step of our campaign, we’d like to engage all of our members in a co-ordinated campaign so federal politicians understand how important this issue is to their constituents.

How can you get involved?

You can start by writing a letter to you local MP. Click here to download letter templates that you can use to make sure your concerns get heard.

Next, you can take advantage of our ad campaign. We’ve developed print ads (along with source files) so you can create you own custom sizes.

Digital ads are also available in ‘leaderboard’ and ‘big box’ formats. They can be linked to:

You can also take advantage of editorial pieces we have put together. You can run these directly in your publication or use them simply as inspiration for a customized message. We’ll keep adding more over the next few days, so please check back regularly.

Don’t forget that you can also share the report with your networks. A full version can be downloaded here.

We’d love it if you could share with us copies of what you have done. You can email us or keep us up-to-date by using the ‘Publisher Feedback’ button on the site.

**Please note, resources will also be available in French. If you’d like to receive copies, please contact Kelly Levson directly at:**