Show your support for Levelling the Digital Playing Field

Starting on November 30th, community newspaper members will be able to join News Media Canada’s Federal Lobby Week to promote our calls for action found in Levelling the Digital Playing Field.

This week, the Heritage Minister confirmed his intention to introduce legislation soon taking into account other countries’ approach to ensuring web giants pay for the content they use.  We need to reach MPs from all parties with our unified message – the time to act for local community papers is now.

Members will be provided with Federal Lobby Week tools including:

  • How to request a virtual meeting with your MP
  • A script for the MP meeting
  • Print ads to run in your community paper the week of November 30th
  • A follow up letter to send following the MP meeting.

All of this information will be available on our website shortly – stay tuned for additional updates.

In the meantime publishers are encourage to support the industry efforts by:

  • Publishing an Op-Ed by Jamie Irving that can be downloaded by clicking this link; and
  • Running any of the David vs Goliaths display ads regularly in your community paper – click here to download ad material in a variety of sizes along with source files.

And don’t forget to send us feedback you receive so we can track our and celebrate our MP champions!