This Week’s Featured Course on Newspaper Training: Video Story Forms and Editorial Planning

As newsrooms produce more video, early results are often a mixed bag. In this module, Michael Roberts provides viewers with ways to give shape and purpose to online video, showing how to develop several video story forms (is it a how-to, a slice of life, or a man-on-the-street interview?) to help reporters, photographers and editors, identify good video opportunities and shoot and edit a clearly focused video narrative. This applies to short video (60-90 seconds) or longer form video pieces.

Michael Roberts is a newsroom trainer and consultant who works with news organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. He recently stepped down after a 10-year run as speaker and project director for NewsTrain. From 2003-2010, Roberts was Deputy Managing Editor Staff Development at The Arizona Republic, responsible for all newsroom training. He also served as writing coach, and edited major projects.

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