Print engagement campaign increases print and digital subscriptions

Following the trend many newspapers have seen over the past few years, Montreal’s Le Devoir weekly and Saturday print newspaper subscriptions were dropping at a rate of 3-4% every month, while digital subscriptions were increasing by 12%. To ensure that the value of print did not get lost, Le Devoir launched the Pause Papier campaign to highlight how print publications provide a ‘restful pause’ to readers that digital publications do not.  As part of the campaign, a 15% discount was offered on print + digital subscriptions and a video showcased what goes into making a newspaper.

“Most people have no idea of what it takes to bring a newspaper into the world, so this video was a good tool to share that knowledge,” said Léonie Gagnon, director of communications at Le Devoir. “It was informative and beautifully designed. We wanted to show [readers] all the effort and time needed to make a quality journal.”

The Pause Papier campaign generated an increase in subscriptions and now, one year after the start of the campaign, print subscriptions remain higher than their projected budget. Additionally, the company saw an 8.4% increase in print and combination subscriptions even after the campaign had ended.

This campaign demonstrated the peacefulness that printed newspapers provide, showcased during the Montreal Book Fair. Le Devoir created a lounge area in the midst a hectic environment where attendees could relax and pick up the latest edition of the newspaper.

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