This Week’s Featured Course on Newspaper Training: How to Write an Editorial Page that Reflects Your Community

Energized newspapers are at the foundation of energized communities. Community newspapers – whether delivering information in the print, on the web or in social media – must focus on local news if they are to remain relevant to readers and advertisers.
In this series of content pieces, retired news editor Jim Pumarlo talks about why he considers the editorial pages a key element of vibrant local coverage and vibrant communities.
Jim spent nearly 27 years in two community newspapers in Minnesota – in Red Wing on the state’s Wisconsin border, and in International Falls on the state’s Canadian border. For the majority of that time, he steered the news coverage as editor. He is passionate about community newspapers and believes that community newspapers still play a vital role in today’s fractured media landscape.
Also included in this module are both a detailed white paper on editorials, and an audio interview with Neil Godbout. Neil is the Managing Editor of the Prince George Citizen. His award-winning editorial page provides a perspective of how a community newspaper is making an impact locally and he describes what he believes makes a great editorial.
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