Small space creative ads to promote media literacy now available

Looking for small space ad creative?  Want to educate your readers and help promote media literacy?  Download material from the News Media Canada site and promote the SPOT Fake News Online media literacy tool.

In today’s climate of fake news and disinformation it has never been more important to educate readers on how to tell fact from fiction.

The majority of Canadians (81%) agree that reliable journalism is an essential part of a democratic society. The SPOT ad campaign effectively shifts attitudes towards news, particularly related to the four steps in the SPOT tool. Eight out of ten exposed to the original ad campaign felt that they were able to distinguish between legitimate news stories and fake news stories (18% higher than those who did not see the campaign).

Click here to download small space ads to promote media literacy to your community.  Print creative is available in a variety of smaller ad formats and source files (InDesign) can be downloaded to create custom sizes.

Contact Kelly at if you have any questions.