Apply for a Michener Award for public service journalism

On behalf of the Michener Awards, I want to say thank you. Thank you for all that you and your colleagues do every day to keep Canadians informed, to hold those in power to account and to keep communities connected, despite our physical distance.

While this year’s news cycle has been dominated by the pandemic, each newsroom and each reporter has worked tirelessly to bring a personal, intimate connection to the story, while ensuring Canadians have all the up-to-date and most accurate information possible to keep us all safe.

I recognize that the day-to-day often takes precedent over thinking about recognition and applying for prizes. However, in this the Michener Awards’ 50th anniversary year, when reporting is more important than ever, I encourage you to look back over the past year and submit those truly unique, in-depth and impactful investigations for recognition.

The Michener Awards are judged for their professionalism, their impact on the public, and the degree of arms-length public benefit that is generated. Winners come from newsrooms big and small. As president of the Michener Foundation, it would be my pleasure to see a nomination come from your newsroom in this most special and unique year. The nominations are open until February 19, 2021, and instructions for submitting a nomination are available on our website.

Once again, thank you for all that you are doing to keep us safe and informed. We very much look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in your company and by recognizing the incredible work of newsrooms across the country.

All the best,

Pierre-Paul Noreau, President of the Michener Foundation