La Presse turns quality journalism into an advertiser opportunity

Media In Canada has published a new story that shows how La Presse’s commitment to being transparent and committed to its mission has helped to grow the paper’s audience and made them more open to new ad formats and data collection.

On the ad side, one area of interest the publication offers buyers is an unskippable video ad. Typically a scourge to viewers on the internet, La Presse tried to make it more palatable last year by running its own video message, explaining that by watching the video, readers are supporting the production of quality news that’s available to everyone.

The effort to get Quebecers more open to ads takes a cue from how La Presse’s commitment to universal access to quality journalism for French-speakers has resonated with audiences.

La Presse also offers native advertising, branded content, pre-roll, in-stream, all standard advertising formats, and is continuing to develop new ad formats.

You can read the full story here.