Newspapers score high on engagement, research shows

When reading a newspaper, Canadians give it their full attention, compared to other media where attention may be fractured.  Newspapers score highest on engagement based on data from Engaged and Connected (February 2019). Intuitively this makes sense since reading a newspaper is an active choice rather than a passive background activity.

Canadians were surveyed on seven metrics for media engagement, and printed newspapers scored highest.

  1. It is trustworthy;
  2. I feel a personal connection with the medium;
  3. It inspires me;
  4. It makes my life better;
  5. It enhances my interaction with others;
  6. It operates in an ethical manner and has the public’s best interest in mind;
  7. I go to the medium when I have time to myself.

The same survey was conducted in 2014, and five years later, in 2019, the results were almost identical. 

For more information and to download study material, click here.