Deadline for entries to the Canadian Online Publishing Awards is September 30

The Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) have become the tip of the spear for the digital publishing industry in Canada by showcasing and helping Canadian content creators move the needle forward for their brands on the global stage.

The COPAs started in 2009 as an industry showcase of the Best Digital Content creators in the magazine and newspaper industries. In 13 years it has become the largest Digital Publishing Awards Program in Canada with 4 divisions – Academic, B2B, B2C and News/Sports with a mandate to reflect Canada’s multi-cultural diversity whenever possible.

The entries are reviewed by a Who’s Who’s of the digital publishing in Canada. The panel has over 90 judges and is a collection content, creative, digital, web, tech marketing, media and publishing experts. 

The deadline to submit entries to this year’s competition is September 30. You can learn more about the submission guidelines here.