Canada is set to become a global leader in ‘Levelling the Playing Field’ for local news

News Media Canada has developed a new ad calling on the re-elected Liberal government to honour their platform promise to introduce legislation within 100 days that would level the playing field between global platforms and Canadian news outlets.

In a democracy, nothing is more vital than a healthy, vibrant local news media. But the threats from Big Tech are increasing every day. The government’s 100-day plan will place Canada in the front ranks of global leadership standing up for local news. The commitment is clear. All parties in Parliament support decisive action. Now is the time to act and pass legislation by early 2022.

News Media Canada will be reaching out to member publishers directly for support so please watch for an email with ad material and a request to run the ad.  Click here to download working files for a full page/quarter page ad.

  • Publishers of daily newspapers are encouraged to run this ad on Wednesday October 20. 
  • Publishers of weekly newspapers are encouraged to run the ad any time after October 20.

News Media Canada is calling on parliamentarians to work together to level the digital playing field between local news and Big Tech.