The Toronto Sun celebrates a half century of publishing

The Toronto Sun celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 1.

Born in 1971, the Sun was created through the hard work and decisive vision of its founders: Doug Creighton, Peter Worthington, Don Hunt.

Over the past week, several retrospectives have been published that are worth reading. Adrienne Batra, the Sun’s current editor-in-chief has written a piece about the ‘Day Oners’ who took a chance on a dream to start a newspaper from scratch.

Renowned sports writer Steve Simmons writes about how, even at a young age, he was hooked on the Sun.

Columnist Christina Blizzard takes a historical look at the rise of the Sun from the ashes of the Toronto Telegram.

Rita DeMontis, who has been with the Sun 45 years, takes a walk down memory lane and looks back at 50 years of publishing.