Puzzles, games and online quizzes boost engagement, research shows

If you are looking for a way to increase reader engagement and further interactions with your readers, consider polls, quizzes, and games in print and digital platforms.

Data from Totum Research find that print readers are 42% more likely to engage with puzzles games and comics in addition to the local information and advertising that are consistently top reasons for readers to turn to their trusted print newspaper.  “Puzzles like crosswords have a loyal following and facilitate high engagement.”

And if you are looking to boost interaction online, news quizzes and polls can encourage readers to spend more time on your website, retain more of what they are reading and even be an excellent tool for gathering feedback.  Look no further than the Wall Street Journal to find examples of audience projects that tap into readers’ desire for useful information from a trustworthy source and entertainment and diversion during the pandemic.

Click the links below for more ideas and information on engaging readers with polls, quizzes and games: