Celebrating another Canadian industry sales superstar

Kate Byers, an omni media marketing strategist with the Innisfil Journal, Metroland-owned publication, has recently been selected as one of Editor & Publisher magazine’s inaugural Industry Sales Superstars.

In the feature, each winner is asked a few questions about their talents and successful approaches to sales. We’ve included Byers’s responses below:

How did you get your start in media sales?

Since I began working professionally at the age of 23 in Toronto, I’ve been in the advertising industry, though I started in a sales support role. Shortly after that, I realized the sales reps had the most fun. So, through a series of lateral career moves and one big relocation to Barrie, my path led me to an incredibly fulfilling sales position with Star Metroland Media in 2007. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to continue growing and developing my skills, learning from my incredible senior leadership team.

Who had the most influence in helping you become successful in sales?

I’ve had a few great leaders during my career so far, and I feel very fortunate to have learned from them and their experiences. I will always be grateful for those opportunities. With that said, I’ve worked for Elise Allain and Shaun Sauve the longest and have excelled under their leadership. Providing a positive work environment where successes big and small are shared and celebrated, Elise and Shaun continually support and encourage their sales teams towards success.

What advice would you give to others struggling with media sales or those who have become frustrated with the new digital solutions they must master to represent their company to advertisers?  

Reach out to your leaders for ideas, strategies and clarity. Salespeople have multiple marketing solutions available to advertisers, and it can sometimes get a bit muddy. Often having a short conversation with a colleague or manager to help sort through the best solution for your client can make all the difference and give you a clear proposal for your customer. And above all, keep plugging away. Make the calls, build the relationships and don’t get discouraged.

Is there a single sales book, video or sales trainer you recommend to others?

I read a lot about mindfulness, understanding human behaviours, positive affirmations and the laws of attraction. I believe a large part of being a good salesperson is being a good person in general and understanding your clients to the best of your ability.