News Media Canada members can get a limited-edition ‘Champions’ print

To celebrate National Newspaper Week 2021 and give Canadians a way to show their support for the industry, News Media Canada partnered with Canadian artist Ola Volo to create a limited-edition, signed print titled “Champions”.

After a successful National Newspaper Week campaign in October 2021, approximately 35 limited-edition signed “Champions” prints remain available for purchase from Ola’s art gallery until February 28, 2022.

The prints retail for $125, but we’ve been able to secure special pricing from the gallery for News Media Canada members:

  • 20% discount If purchasing one print, $100 per print
  • 50% discount If purchasing in bulk (five or more prints), $62.50 per print

** additional shipping fees will be applied at checkout **

Email Kelly Levson at News Media Canada to receive a discount code before purchasing through Ola Volo’s gallery site here.

Thought starters on how to use ‘Champions’ prints:

Ola Volo’s “Champions” signed print is part of a limited-edition collection and can be leveraged by newspapers in many ways, including:

  • Reader appreciation or engagement programs;
  • Prizes for contests (ex. contest for our readers through your paper or social media);
  • Given as gifts to top advertisers or potential clients;
  • Staff recognition gifts; or
  • Displayed in office spaces or newsrooms.

“Champions” was inspired by conversations between Ola and industry stakeholders from local newspapers across the country and celebrates the local news industry as champions of truth in Canada. The artwork features three stoic, trailblazing characters representing journalists and readers, as well as multiple landmarks from across the country to celebrate the diversity of people, places and perspectives in Canada.

Any questions?

For more information on this program or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kelly Levson of News Media Canada at