Celebrating a Canadian ‘Top 25 under 35’

Ashley Wadhwani, a digital content editor with Black Press Media, is one of 25 young professionals under the age of 35 named by Editor and Publishers magazine for their outstanding contributions to the news industry.

Wadhwani, 28, is spotlighted, in a recent feature. She is the only winner selected from a Canadian news organization.

In the feature, each winner is asked a few questions about their contributions. We’ve included Wadhwani’s responses below:

What advice do you have for other young professionals in the news industry?

At the core of good journalism is the courage not to shy away from asking questions, no matter how challenging, and the innate yearning to connect and empathize with someone, regardless of differences. I firmly believe that the same can be said of good leadership. The news industry is multifaceted, and there will be people you meet along the way — in editorial and in the business operation — that have so much knowledge and mentorship to offer. Recognizing that as an opportunity to learn and collaborate, especially in such a fast-changing industry, is key to a sustainable future for journalism and journalists.

What is the most difficult lesson you’ve learned as an editor?

The unfortunate truth is that the rise in disinformation online has muddied perceptions of outstanding and credible journalism to some. As a journalist, I have quickly learned that there will always be a vocal minority who won’t be onside with the tireless work we are doing. Still, truthful reporting is the best way to combat false and misleading information. For the readers who rely on us, those opinions cannot and will not get in the way of telling the important stories that chronicle our society.