Media buyers should focus on diversifying their media mix in 2022

After experiencing several high-profile interruptions in recent months, diversifying media platforms should a topic on the minds of many media buyers, a new piece published by CARD explains.

Following on the heels of the outages seen from tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon, the importance of advertising diversification is getting renewed attention.

“Diversification can provide brands with much-needed flexibility, allowing them to be nimble should spend need to be shifted due to brand safety concerns or outages,” says Tara Landon, VP of performance media and partnerships at Reprise.

“In addition, diversification allows brands to create deeper relationships with consumers by reaching them across multiple touchpoints.”

According to GroupM estimates, the world’s largest sellers of digital advertising outside of China — Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon — account for between 80% and 90% of the total global ad sales. In Canada, digital grew by 32.4% in 2021. This year, it is projected to grow by another 10% and capture 65.8% of the market.

Globally, digital advertising accounted for 58.7% of all advertising in 2021.