TownNews CMS and digital publishing solutions chosen for Canadian coalition

TownNews and Tekan announce an exclusive partnership for TownNews to become the content management system (CMS) and associated technology stack for members of a newly formed coalition of Canadian publishers.

For TownNews, the exclusive partnership opportunity with Tekan provides a launch pad for a major expansion into the Canadian market. TownNews is the leading media CMS in the U.S. but has had, to date, a limited presence in Canada.

Tekan is a new company, formed as a coalition of Canadian publishers that will establish scale across the country to strengthen their position in the digital advertising marketplace and identify cost efficiencies in systems and technology.

“Torstar is looking forward to becoming the first Canadian publisher to sign up with Tekan for the TownNews solution set,” said Paul Rivett, chairman and co-owner of Torstar.

With the partnership, Tekan will become the exclusive provider of TownNews technology in Canada. Tekan is a newly formed Canadian company that services publishers and is owned by publishers, based in Toronto.

You can read more about TownNews here.