Awards Showcase: OCNA 2020 Best Feature winners

Better Newspapers Competition (BNC) awards honour excellent work in Canada’s community newspapers and celebrate the vibrancy of community newspapers across Canada. The Ontario Community Newspapers Association Better Newspapers Competition 2020 awards showcase the hard work, talent and dedication demonstrated by Ontario publishers, editors, reporters, photographers and designers.

Congratulations to the winners in the Best Feature/Unit Pages category. “Let’s try to be innovative when we do feature/unit pages, and make sure there’s editorial content, as that is a portion of the judging criteria. The top three stood out for good reason – because of the content and layout.”

1st Place: Fergus Wellington Advertiser – Victory in Europe Day

“An excellent look at VE Day and selling advertising around it. And there was some good editorial to read.”

2nd Place: Walkerton Herald Times – Walkerton Water Crisis – 20 years later

“Not much in the way of advertising support to this special 20th anniversary feature, but well done on the editorial side. Going back and retelling the story so that the story is not forgotten.”

3rd Place: Listowel Banner – Rotary Club of Listowel 1946 – 2019

“A good read on a historical organization being part of the community for more than seven decades. Nice mixture of old photos, to fill the space along with words. A changing of the times as a younger generation is not interested in service clubs in the community, like many Legions and curling clubs across Canada.”

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