Advertising during a crisis

Advertising during a crisis brings up many questions related to the news environment. Research from the IAB proves that advertising within news during a crisis actually leads to positive brand impacts. Consumers are interested in ‘Breaking News’ and are more likely to trust, and engage with, the brands they see advertising within news.

In fact, advertising within sensitive News is an opportunity for brands. “Advertising within news boosts more than just trust. News consumers find brands that advertise within news have a greater likelihood to be believable, relevant, innovative, and more,” according to IAB research report “The News Trust Halo: How Advertising in News Benefits Brands”.

“Advertising within the News builds Brands even during a time of crisis.

News consumers think that brand advertising adjacent to even sensitive news has a positive impact on their perception of the Brand’s Trustworthiness. Rather than shying away from advertising during moments of conflict of chaos, brands should embrace the opportunity to do so.”

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