How to report problems with Canada Post delivery

We’ve recently heard from several News Media Canada members who have experienced problems with the delayed delivery of their publications to readers via Canada Post.

If you publish a newspaper and you experience a problem with mail delivery, including late or non-delivery of your newspaper, report the problem to: Canada Post: Commercial Service Network by phone OR online.

The Commercial Service Network (CSN) is a customer service help centre within Canada Post specially equipped to investigate problems encountered by commercial customers. Commercial services include Publications Mail and Neighbourhood Mail—the two services used by community newspapers.

News Media Canada has assembled a step-by-step guide on how to report late or non-delivery of mail. You can find it by clicking here.

When you call, have the following information on handy:

i) Your Canada Post customer number.

ii) Specific details about your mailing concern, such as:

  • Date and the post office where the mailing was deposited;
  • Recipient’s mailing address;
  • Date that the recipient received the newspaper;
  • Any recent changes in delivery pattern.

A CSN representative will take down details of your complaint and give you a service ticket number. Record this number for future reference.

The CSN rep will advise you of next steps and will follow up with their findings. You can also call the CSN and give your service ticket number.