Newspaper media reach all generations, research shows

The most recent research from News Media Canada confirms that newspaper readership has remained strong over the last decade – nine of ten Canadians (86%) turn to newspapers and their websites to read about what is happening in their community and the world around them.

Despite the dramatic digital transformation, the rise of social media, and new content distribution platforms, Canadians continue to turn to trusted newspapers and news media on various platforms.

While many think the younger generations have abandoned newspapers for greener digital pastures, they are actually strong readers of newspaper content. In fact, Gen-X and Gen-Y (Millennials) demonstrate the strongest readership of all generations, at  87% across print and digital platforms over the course of a week. Almost a quarter (22%) of Gen-Y/Millennial report accessing ALL FOUR platforms weekly.

And to nobody’s surprise, readership on smartphones is highest among the younger generations. While Boomers are the strongest readers of printed newspapers, they also access their news on all platforms throughout the week.

For more information and to download the Newspapers 24/7: 2022 study, click here.