Research spotlight: A decade of change

In 2022 research tells us that almost nine out of ten Canadian adults (86%) read newspapers over the course of a week. Since 2012 overall readership has remained unchanged, but HOW Canadians access their news content has seen many shifts.

Some readers still love their printed newspaper, but most have turned to digital, with some reading on all four platforms – phone, tablet, desktop, and print. Perhaps not surprisingly, the platform leading the digital charge is mobile. In 2022, 69% of readership was on their phone, up from just 38% in 2012.

On behalf of News Media Canada, research conducted in November 2021 by Totum Research explores how consumer readership habits have evolved over the last decade. This national readership survey asked 825 adult Canadians about their weekly readership habits regarding print and digital newspapers.

For more information on readership habits by time of day and platform, click here to access the Newspapers 24/7: 2022 research.