Awards Showcase: OCNA Reporter of the Year 2021

Congratulations to the OCNA 2021 winners in the Reporter of the Year category, sponsored by @opgpics

1st Place: RichmondHill Thornhill Liberal – Kim Zarzour“Lost my uterus – a great story and handling of tale. Covid wakeup call – good opening to the series. Workplace violence – story of the year candidate. The ‘No Nonsense’ is all over these stories. News! Perhaps some variety in the mix of stories, however all the writing is strong and impactful to both local readers and readers with no stake in the community at all. Great work.”2nd Place: @haldimandpress – Mike Renzella“Different angle on the covid coverage – strong. Making the stories your own – good stuff. Local and powerful. Great work across the stories.”3rd Place: Markham Economist & Sun – Jeremy Grimaldi“Abduction reveal is a great story – perhaps less mystery and more fallout quotes for harder hitting and less drama. Fentanyl addict – strong local impact on larger problem – kudos. Healthy Markham man also a strong slice of COVID 19 coverage – good work here.”The Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA) Better Newspapers Competition honours the great work of Ontario’s weekly community newspapers. The 2021 awards showcase the hard work, talent, and dedication demonstrated by Ontario publishers, editors, reporters, photographers, and designers.

More than 1,450 entries were received and the awards were presented at a virtual ceremony on April 29, 2022.