CJF J-Talks to feature digital news startups

The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s (CJF) popular J-Talks Live kicks off its fall season next month with a special two-part event focused on Canadian news startups.

Digital news and information startups have become a recent bright spot in a media industry struggling to survive in the digital era and post-pandemic environment.

In the two-part virtual event, the CJF will showcase 10 visionaries who will share their insights on their growing media sector, new business models and current challenges.

On Tuesday, September 13 at 1 p.m. EDT, the CJF welcomes ecosystem builders – leaders of outlets that have grown in influence since their introduction. The featured speakers are Emma Gilchrist, co-founder, editor-in-chief and executive director of The NarwhalChuck LaPointe, CEO and co-founder of Narcity Media Group; Farhan Mohamed, co-founder of Overstory Media Group; and Brandi Schier, CEO of Discourse Community Publishing. Leading this discussion is Erin Millar, CEO and co-founder of Indiegraf Media, and founder and former CEO of Discourse Media. Indiegraf Media won the inaugural CJF-MJP Digital News Innovation Award in 2021.

Two days later, on Thursday, September 15 at 1 p.m. EDT, the CJF presents the new wave leaders of recent outlets that are filling coverage gaps and connecting with new audiences. The featured speakers are Brett Chang, co-founder and CEO of The PeakMatthew DiMera, founder of The ResolveEden Fineday, business aunty and contributing storyteller, IndigiNews; and Anita Li, founder and CEO of The Green LineLinda Solomon Wood, CEO and editor-in-chief of Canada’s National Observer leads this discussion.

To get tickets to these events, please visit the CJF J-Talks event pages.