Awards Showcase: OCNA Best Front Page (circ under 9,999)

Congratulations to the 2021 OCNA winners in the Best Front Page, circulation under 9,999.  The Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA) Better Newspapers Competition honours the great work of Ontario’s weekly community newspapers. The 2021 awards showcase the hard work, talent, and dedication demonstrated by Ontario publishers, editors, reporters, photographers, and designers.

1st Place: @niagaraonthelakereport“Boom! This front page knocked me back in my seat.

The clear winner as soon as it popped up on my screen. Simple. Powerful. Extra powerful because it landed on Canada Day. Powerful because of the words of Karl Dockstader. It’s a front that stops you, then makes you want to turn the page and read more.

This is one of the best community newspaper front pages I’ve ever seen – almost certainly better than anything I ever designed – and I was a community journalist for 34 years.”2nd Place: #ParrySound @psnorthstar“There’s a lot going on this front page, but it never feels busy, which is quite an accomplishment.”3rd Place: Voice of #Pelham“There are better front pages in this contest but, thanks to Veronica MacDonald’s great photo of avid reader Fergus and the editor’s proper use the photo – I’ll forgive popping the boy’s head out the top of the frame – there are few as charming (or as likely to make you smile).”More than 1,450 entries were received and the awards were presented at a virtual ceremony on April 29, 2022.