Fight fake news with media literacy

Media Literacy Week wraps up on October 28 and reminds Canadians of the importance of being able to read the media messages that inform us, entertain us and sell to us daily.

MediaSmarts celebrated each day of Media Literacy Week by highlighting various aspects of digital media literacy:  use, understand, engage, access and verify online information. Read more about their five themes and explore their resources here.

  1. USE:  Using media tools effectively and responsibly
  2. UNDERSTAND: Critically analyzing and evaluating media
  3. ENGAGE: Making and using media to express yourself and participate in your communities
  4. ACCESS: Safely and ethically finding and navigating media
  5. VERIFY: Find out if online content is accurate and reliable

Learning media literacy doesn’t need to be difficult. News Media Canada continues to promote the SPOT Fake News Online program with the four simple steps outlined in the video here.

Newspapers can access a selection of creative assets to promote media literacy to help their readers ask the four critical questions to SPOT and stop fake news online. Click here to access SPOT ad campaign material, social media resources and view the video.