Canadians trust established news media the most, research shows


Recent research from Kaiser & Partners’ annual survey on media sentiment finds that “established news media remain the most credible source of information by over half of Canadians (53%) for the third consecutive year.”


Highlights include:

  • 72% of adults aged 55 and older believe that traditional news media is the most trusted source of information.
  • Credibility of the publishing outlet is the top factor in determining trustworthy news for Canadians.  Almost two-thirds (63%) cited the credibility of the outlet where the story is from, followed by credibility of the reporter (35%).
  • Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular news sources for younger Canadians.  Almost one in five (17%) adults 18-34 shifted to podcasts to source information in the last year.

The study was conducted by Maru Public Opinion on behalf of Kaiser & Partners in October 2022 with a sample of 1,529 online panelists. Click here for more information.