Displaced Ukrainians receive a warm welcome to Moosomin

The World-Spectator, based in Moosomin, SK, announced it has hired Olha Volokh as a graphic designer.

Volokh’s story is a special one. She arrived in Saskatchewan, with her daughter, from Ukraine in the first week of November.

Originally from Poltava, which is to the east of the the Kharkiv region, Volokh has spent the past few months in Poland awaiting for the government of Canada to process her visa. While in Ukraine, she and her daughter were sleeping in a closet so to avoid Russian missiles.

Last week, Volokh and her daughter, Zlata, were officially introduced to the community by World-Spectator editor and publisher Kevin Weedmark at a Jess Moskaluke concert in Moosomin. After receiving a warm welcome from the crowd, Moskaluke dedicated the performance of a song to them and visited with the pair backstage after the show.

“I don’t know if you imagine going from living in fear to having hundreds of people warmly welcome you to a community, but I can tell you they were overwhelmed,” Weedmark said in an email to News on News.

You can read more about the pair’s journey to Canada here.