Local Edge podcast looking for local guests

In a new initiative to further demonstrate the uniqueness of Canada’s non-urban markets to advertisers and agencies, AdCanada Media is launching the Local Edge, a 12-episode video podcast focused entirely on local media and how connecting with rural audiences requires a specialized, localized approach.

AdCanada is looking for local market guests to round out their lineup, which includes several recurring guests from the agency, research and newspaper marketing communities.

The podcast series will be aimed at media planners and ad buyers specifically but will resonate with anyone involved in non-urban community life, economic development, and policy issues. The podcast will be available for download from all major platforms.

The series will be hosted by the longtime anchor of the 6pm CTV Edmonton News, Shawna Randolph and will feature interviews with experts on the topic of local life touching heavily on the importance of local media to the communities it serves and the value it offers residents and advertisers.

AdCanada Media is putting out the call for assistance from publishers in helping to recruit and secure guests with strong connections to local markets.  They are looking for individuals versed enough to speak about the importance of local media to their market, essentially anybody with a story that they’d be willing to share via the podcast format. Some examples include:

  1. A newspaper publisher willing to share success stories of audience engagement;
  2. A Chamber of Commerce executive willing to discuss the importance of local media to the local business community;
  3. A local business owner/advertiser who can discuss advertising success stories using traditional local media;
  4. A dedicated newspaper reader willing to talk about the importance of the local newspaper in terms of local news reporting;
  5. A farmer who is able to share a story about the challenges faced as a result of internet connectivity issues in the area;
  6. A resident of a community no longer served by local media and how that experience has affected their ability to know what’s happening in the community.

While AdCanada is making the initial investment to get the initiative launched, it is doing so in support of local media in Canada to make sure the important stories are told – stories that could ultimately help sway advertising budgets in direction of local community media.

For more information on the The Local Edge or to recommend a topic expert, please email Jeff Beardsworth at jeff@adcanadamedia.ca.