Awards Showcase: 2022 SWNA Best Feature Photo

The Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association (SWNA) Better Newspapers Competition honours excellent work in SK’s community newspapers. Congratulations to the SWNA 2022 BNC winners of the Feature Photo category!1st Place: Lloydminster Meridian Source, Taylor Weaver – Bike buds ride into sunset“This is a great photo because it communicates the joy and comradeship hidden in silhouette and you can actually feel their smiles without seeing them. It is what you can’t see but you know is there that makes this photo the best feature photo.”2nd Place: Meadow Lake Northern Pride, Terry Villeneuve“This photo is sharp, has action, has depth with foreground middle ground and background working together with bright colors and conveys the feeling of a hot summer day in a backyard pool. The photo ran large on the front page and the close crop of the hand reaching out of the frame to grab the sun is outstanding. This is a great feature photo.”3rd Place: Warman Clark’s Crossing Gazette, Wayne Shiels“What makes this a great feature photo is how it grabs your attention. You cannot help but look twice at this photo to understand what is going on. To take a photo like this requires the photographer to have a quick eye and to get into position fast before the photos is gone. The down side of a photo like this the photographer has little opportunity to “clean out” other distracting elements to “get the shot”. In this case the timing and the subject was worth it.”BNC Awards recognize the outstanding work produced each week and celebrate the vibrancy of community newspapers across Canada. The SWNA Better Newspapers Competition winners were announced in an online awards presentation on May 13, 2022.