Newspapers 24/7 fact sheet now available

Four out of five people in Canada (83%) read newspapers, in either print or digital format, at least once a week—essentially unchanged from the inaugural study (85%), conducted in 2012.  Despite a multitude of media options and digital distractions, readers still turn to trusted, traditional news sources.

Newspaper readership is truly multi-platform. The 2023 report finds that 97% of newspaper readers are accessing at least some of their newspaper content online (on phones, computers or tablets).  More than half of readers (58%) are still reading in print, including e-papers.  A quarter of people in Canada (24%) are reading on ALL FOUR platforms.

News Media Canada has produced a new fact sheet highlighting the 2023 research results. This fact sheet includes key facts on readership by platform, trust, and the importance of local information.

Click the image below to view the study page and download material.