TC Transcontinental launches raddar, the reinvented flyer

TC Transcontinental has unveiled raddar™, a new brand identity for flyers in Montreal, and, its digital platform. In a slim leaflet combines flyers from various retailers, reducing the volume of paper used by nearly 60%, while plastic is eliminated entirely through distribution by Canada Post as of today.

“We are delighted to launch our new solution for Montreal with such a fresh and original brand image,” said Patrick Brayley, Senior Vice President, Premedia, Distribution and In-Store Marketing at TC Transcontinental Printing.

With inflation, flyers are an important tool to help households save money and to maintain healthy price competition, to everyone’s benefit. We are proud of this landmark innovation in the history of flyers and the significant environmental gain it represents.

raddar™, a meaningful and simple name, provides an accurate description of this new product. The primary role of a radar is to detect. By grouping the flyers of several retailers, raddar™ allows consumers to detect the most attractive offers, the most ingenious tips and the most remarkable finds.

raddar™’s logo recalls the traditional icon associated with radar, but also the fingerprint, which highlights the personalization of the offers while nodding to the new digital platform. Vibrant and timeless colours ensure that the product is eye-catching and easily recognizable in consumers’ mailboxes.

This new identity is the result of a collaboration with creative agency Rethink. raddar™ has been designed to meet the evolving needs and expectations of retailers and consumers, the majority of whom rely on paper flyers to plan their store visits and online purchases. The result of an eco-design approach, raddar™ is 100% recyclable and contributes to the circular economy of paper.