More than media outlets stand to lose if Meta and Google block news

The actions by tech giants to block news on their platforms runs the risk of not only undermining the public’s right to know but also will have a blowback for brands, Andrea Lee, VP, earned media, at Proof Strategies writes.

According to Proof Strategies’ 2023 CanTrust Index, news on traditional media (TV, radio, print) is the source Canadians trust most for reliable information. The Index also identified that a majority of Canadians say they’re more likely to trust brands that advocate for positive social change

Her key point: News earns trust, and statistics show that brands do better when they’re trusted.

But declining news consumption is a problem.

“If news coverage earns trust and trust breeds loyalty, it’s clear that Canada’s business leaders must favour a society where news is easily available and accessible,” she writes.

You can read her full piece by clicking here.