Quizzes prove to be a helpful tool for readers to retain factual information

A new study by the U.S.-based Center for Media Engagement found that online quizzes maybe a helpful way to engage readers with fact-checked content.

The findings provide considerable insight for newsrooms and fact-checking organizations. In particular, the findings help determine whether readers are retaining the most useful and important pieces of information.

As part of this project, the research center conducted three experiments. All three experiments producing the same results, including:

  • Multiple-choice quizzes helped readers recall specific details from the fact check.
  • Even when quizzed a week later, people were more likely to recall details from the fact check if they were quizzed before or after reading it.
  • Multiple-choice quizzes did not help readers accurately identify a false claim (or in the case of the third study, a true or false claim).

The results of the study were described in a recent post by the International News Media Association.