World-Spectator celebrates 140 years

Monday’s issue of the World-Spectator will be Volume 140, Number 1.

“We are beginning our 140th year of serving our local communities,” said Kevin Weedmark, the paper’s current editor and publisher.

“The first issue of Moosomin’s newspaper was published October 2, 1884. While there have been well publicized challenges for many in the media, we have been very fortunate in our area, as our newspaper business continues to grow thanks to supportive communities and advertisers—our business is growing at about 10 per cent a year and is five times larger than when I purchased the business.

And it’s not the only bright spot in the media landscape—I was a judge in the News Media Canada and the Ontario Community Newspapers Awards this year and I can tell you there is a lot of great work being done by journalists across the country, despite the doom and gloom you hear about the media.”

Weedmark is featured in the Champions book, a limited-edition book released by News Media Canada in celebration of National Newspaper Week 2023.

To read more about Weedmark, visit The book is available to purchase or view online for free.