The importance of Canadian news media in the age of misinformation

The Canadian news media landscape has changed and evolved more over the last decade than ever before. We’re living in the age of information overload. Without tools to distinguish fact from fiction or help us find what’s relevant to our day-to-day lives, misinformation makes it easy to get lost and confused.

Independent local news media outlets are essential to providing Canadians with the factual and reliable information they need. Canadians need to know where and how to access credible news. Here are four ways to stay connected with your local news:

1) Go directly to the source – When in doubt, get it straight from the source! There’s no better way to access credible, relevant news than heading straight to your local newspaper’s website, reading the e-edition of the paper, or picking up a print copy.

2) Newsletters – If you’re looking for convenience, get the news straight to your inbox by subscribing to a newspaper newsletter. You’ll get local content straight from the source, and you can sign up for multiple newsletters from different newspapers to get a variety of relevant content.

3) Subscriptions – Check to see if your local paper has a subscription service, whether print or digital. It’s a surefire way to support your newspaper and the industry, all while keeping you informed through credible news.

4) Podcasts – Are you often on-the-go, or just not a big reader? Many outlets now offer news podcasts as a great and reliable way for Canadians to access relevant information. It’s easy to stay informed with dependable and factual information even if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Ultimately, there are many ways to consume local news media content. Interacting with your local newspaper and supporting its content is an act of civic engagement that helps to uphold our country’s democracy.

Local news outlets are champions of the truth. To honour and commemorate their work this National Newspaper Week, News Media Canada has created its first-ever illustrated book entitled “Champions.” This book features the stories of notable Canadians from the news media industry who play an integral role in keeping newspapers alive – the most credible source of information that remains written by humans, for humans.

Learn more about National Newspaper Week and show your support for the industry by purchasing a copy of the Champions book and downloading the “Champions” font at