Ontario boasts the highest weekly newspaper readership

The Newspapers 24/7 2024 data reports that 84% of Ontario adults read a newspaper weekly. Readers regularly interact with their newspapers in many different formats across all regions.

Format matters when it comes to advertising in newspapers.

Traditional format includes print advertising in a physical newspaper in addition to the digital version that appears online as an e-edition—in the same format as a print paper. An advertising campaign using print newspapers and their e-editions can reach almost half the Ontario adult population (48%).

Online format references newspaper websites or apps where the posted digital content/articles appear next to digital ad formats. A digital advertising campaign using newspapers reaches six out of ten (62%) Ontario adults.

Since 2012, the Newspapers 24/7 study has tracked newspaper readership by time of day and platform (print, computer, phone, tablet). Digital access has driven readership and provided new ways to access news. The 2024 study has evolved to examine readership by format through an advertising lens.

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