The Future of News study shows why news works for brands

Recent research from Stagwell Global explores the importance of advertising in news and the concept that news is the foundation of a thriving democracy and a critical marketing vehicle.

Why News Works for Brands: Investment in advertising on news platforms is not only brand-safe but contributes to a strong return on investment. The study found that it is safe for brands to advertise adjacent to quality news content, regardless of topic. There were no brand safety issues among key advertiser demographics.

Stagwell’s inaugural research for the series examines the concept of brand safety—the measures taken to ensure a brand’s advertisements don’t appear alongside content that could potentially harm that brand’s reputation. Because the current approach to brand safety disproportionately hurts the news industry, Stagwell created a study to determine the real impact of ad adjacency.”

The Future of News Study was conducted among 49,990 US adults from March 29 to April 19, 2024.

Click here for more information on the study, the methodology and to download crosstabs or request a copy of the report.