26 November 2020

WOKE Campaign Launches Systemic Racism Solutions for the Future

TORONTO, ON —/COMMUNITYWIRE/— The WOKE campaign is launched by Entrepreneur and Former City Councillor Candidate, Kerry Ann Thomas.

It is a fusion-based, strategic solution for systemic racism and unconscious bias.

“Upon arriving here to my community, I recognized an opportunity to utilize skills acquired in media, business and community relations to bring about much needed change. Giving back to communities is always an essential factor, especially when those of us with talent and abilities return to grow underserved communities,” says Ms. Thomas.

Waking opportunities keep evolving, and this moment is in synergy to engage woke discussions around the root of systemic racism, culture sharing, melanin marketplace, eLearning and more.

This year, we awakened to acknowledge systemic racism and its effects. The WOKE campaign’s 5 features are socially conscious and provide healing methods for communities to combat racism and discrimination.

“As an Entrepreneur and explorer of systemic racism, from what I have witnessed, experienced and heard other residents comment, some type of oppression exists. This plan is a magnificent solution to elevate emotional intelligence, break down discord among cultures, and prosper the economy,” says Ms. Thomas.

The WOKE campaign provides 5 distinct features.
  1. Canadian Urban Prosperity Framework Fund
  2. WOKE #BeABoutIt
  3. BHM Open Doors: BHM Culture Exchange
  4. BHM SHOP Smart
  5. Perception Management eCourses
The 2020 WOKE Campaign was birthed out of the 2018 Canadian Urban Prosperity Framework.

“In the early development phases of the prosperity framework there were lots of meetings with people in positions of power who showed interest in the fund. Then, no return phone calls. Some gave me an option; do I want to help the community or advance the Business Model? These, are some of my experiences with systemic racism when seeking to help the community,” says Ms. Thomas.

This campaign tackles the current global issues, systemic racism and provides access for institutions, organizations, corporations, and the government seeking to invest in the future of smart communities. It is for those who are woke or seeking to be woke and want to make a difference in systemic racism and invest in economic growth.

Request a copy of the Canadian Urban Prosperity Framework or to participate in other features from the WOKE Campaign and let’s be about it. The introductory Perception Management eCourse commences December 2, 2020.

Start the next decade, woke!

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