Hill Times, Ottawa, Community Newspaper

Client Information

Address 246 Queen Street Suite 200
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5E4
Phone Number 613-232-5952
Website www.thehilltimes.ca
Publication Language English
Owner Hill Times Publishing Inc.


Co-Founder and Owner Ross Dickson
General Manager - CFO Andrew Morrow
Publisher and Co-Founder Jim Creskey
Editor Kate Malloy
Production Manager Brian McCambridge
Advertising Manager Don Turner
Circulation and Marketing Manager Chris Rivoire

Circulation Information

Edition Total Paid Total Controlled Total Circulation Audit Basis End Date
Monday 5,960 8,914 14,874 CMCA 08/31/2018
Wednesday 5,642 9,554 15,196 CMCA 02/28/2018

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