In Canada, we support our media.

Many Canadians are expressing outrage at Meta’s decision to block news from Canadian media outlets on its Facebook and Instagram platforms in order to circumvent the Online News Act (Bill C-18). But despite the chorus of criticism from governments, cities, businesses and the general public, the web giant is sticking to its position and doubling down with a major ad campaign.

We must continue to stand together and spread the message that in Canada, no one is above the law. Together, we must support all the Canadian media outlets that are paying the price for Meta’s outrageously dominant position in the advertising market.

We need your support.

News Media Canada will be launching a national ad campaign around August 30, and we hope everyone will help maximize the campaign’s reach using the tools and platforms at their disposal.

How can you get involved?

You can agree to publish the national ad creative in your newspaper and/or on your website, along with the rest of the industry. News Media Canada will produce print/digital creative and ad material will be available to download from our website.  You will be notified by email when the material is ready and provided with the download links.

Please complete the form below to indicate your interest and upload a copy of your logo to be featured in the national ad creative.

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