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LMA Virtual Conference: The True Art of Onboarding – When, How and Why

12 July 2017 @ 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Sales Management Day

A ‘hot’ word today in recruiting, many think it starts on the new hires first day and lasts until they have gone through the initial training, but in this session you will learn that it starts long before and goes much longer. With low unemployment, it is harder to attract and retain top talent. We will explore how important it is to have a strong culture, promote why people like working for your company and how to lower ramp-up time for the new hire for a shorter ROI.

Included are game plans on bringing on a new hire and keeping the rest of the team engaged and productive. This session is not just about hiring but also retaining talent to lower turnover and help improve the quality of candidates for open positions.

Presenter: Laurie Kahn, President/Founder, Media Staffing Network

Fee: $29 U.S. for News Media Canada members (select the Media Association Members rate)


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