Leading Your Team Through Disruptive Change

In this webinar…: How do leaders like you get the productive and creative best from employees during today’s unpredictable world of change? What is required of you? What insights and practices do you need to commit to? 1. How leaders need to think and talk about the many forms of disruption touching our businesses, our communities, […]

Using Data to Inform and Improve Your Journalism

All publishers want to become indispensable to their audiences. They want to know what drives engagement and subscriptions, how to make their work part of a reader’s daily habit and how deeply to cover topics that matter. Those questions are not easily answered with conventional web analytics that were never intended for journalists. What people […]

Covering Science webinar

Online Media Campus, in conjunction with SciLine - a free, nonprofit service for journalists - is offering a one-hour training webinar for journalists, editors and others in news publishing who wish to become more comfortable covering science-related topics. The COVID-19 pandemic has become an all-hands-on-deck story, requiring many in the news business with little or […]

60 story ideas in 60 minutes

A good story idea is the spark that can lead to great work. In this fast-paced session, Cedar Rapids Gazette Executive Editor Zack Kucharski will share story ideas that can be done by reporters in any newsroom. Every participant should have a notebook full of ideas as we look across topics -- from sports, to […]

How to get better photos with less

Journalists are being asked to do everything these days: write, edit, post to social, take the photos, take the video, design the layout and don’t miss deadline. This course will go over some basic and advanced techniques to improve your photography with whatever kind of camera and amount of time you must work with. If […]

ISWNE 2021 conference

International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors is hosting a virtual conference from July 14-16, 2021. All sessions will be held online. July 14th's session will deal with legal issues, such as removing stories from archives, journalists arrests, etc. July 15th's session will focus on editorials, opinion pages, and more. July 16th's session will focus on […]

How to Use Light & Composition to Make Compelling Photos

Have you mastered the settings on your camera? Are you ready for the next step in advancing your photojournalism skills? No matter the device, a DSLR or iPhone, anyone can make a good photo with the right technique. This webinar, presented by Kelsey Kremer of the Des Moines Register, will take an in-depth look at how […]

Tools for Trust: A Guide To Connecting With Your Audience

News distrust is a pressing problem – but there are steps your newsroom can take to better connect with readers and gain their confidence. The Center for Media Engagement has collaborated with newsrooms across the country to identify concrete actions news organizations can take to address trust issues. This webinar will provide newsrooms with research-backed […]

The Storytelling You

The Storytelling You webinar concerns how to better execute every facet of longform reporting and writing. Longform features get almost twice the engagement time on news sites as regular pieces. Many newspaper writers and editors want to do great longform pieces and this webinar is a deep dive on how to do it better. It […]

Data Journalism Tools for Your Newsroom and Classroom

During this session, SPJ Digital Trainer Mike Reilley will show you how to scrape data from web pages and PDFs and into a spreadsheet format. You also will learn how to visualize the data using the free Flourish.studio tool.   Participants will get a handout with links to the tools, exercises, examples and data to practice […]


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